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7 Sep. 2010

Beard and Brau: Golden Paw Review

I recently reviewed Beard and Brau Golden Paw for the Kino Sydney Zine (a small zine available only at Kino Sydney screenings). It was written for a non-beer-nerd, but possibly inebriated audience. Here is the review I speak of:

This beer has sprung forth from a small microbrewery in South Australia, that land of fermented plenty, and found it's way to the lips of Kino Sydney participants. At an age when new beers are creeping up on us from every angle, I have decided to try to provide some direction to my fellow beerish travellers and kinoites.

Golden Paw is a beer brewed in the style of an American Pale Ale. This is a fairly modern style of beer that is generally known for big flavours. Beers that let you know they are being drunk. In fact, it could be said that an American Pale Ale is all up in your grill. This particular variety, however is brewed with lager yeast. Lager being the style of most well-known beers, it has subtler flavours and a drier taste. Golden paw then combines the thick sweetness of strong malts with the crisp finish of a lager yeast. The hops flavours are typical of North American hops: astringent and citrusy, and used in quantity.

All of this, however, one could glean from a few google searches. To really do this beer justice, I felt it was important to procure a sample and write these words with the cloudy, golden ale on my tongue, that the authenticity of my review be felt. Of course the sample I obtained was warm, so I placed it in the freezer to cool and immediately forgot about it. I awoke to a freezer full of beer slushie and am now sitting with what icy chunks of brew I could worry from the bottle slowly melting in a glass next to me.

As such I can inform you that Beard and Brau Golden Paw is a remarkably cold beverage, somewhat crunchy and entirely flat. It does not wish to leave the bottle that it comes in, but when it does, it tends to sit sluggishly, foaming in anger. Despite this, a full flavoured beer can be detected between the icicles. And I am just enough of a beer lover to have enjoyed this regardless.

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