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2 Feb. 2010


I had the good fortune to drink and dine at the local in darlinghurst on my birthday. My wife and I shared the banquet, a series of 5 generous courses with matched beers. It's unusual to feel full after the first course in a degustation-style meal, but that's where the big plate of meatballs took us. In the end I had to be rolled out, as I emitted happy little beer burps.

This blog isn't about food, though, so let me get right down to it and say that I had a truly happy beer experience when I got to taste some of Feral Brewery's Razorback barleywine. This was so rich and malty with a sweetness that hid the hefty 11% alcoholic content. This was definitely a brew for sipping and savouring. I've never seen Feral beer for sale anywhere other than the local, but if you see it, grab it and then drink it. Don't forget that last part. You'll thank me, I know you will.


  1. According to their website, you can buy it at Dan Murphy's.

  2. I noticed that! Haven't been into a Dan Murphy's in a long time, though.